An African American Story of Self-Determination

He started with $6 and built a digital media empire that generated over $60M of revenue over its life cycle, without venture capital.

He lived in the public housing projects in LA until age 12.

After the deaths of several relatives and close friends, he found new purpose and direction in life through reading “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and attending the Million Man March.

Jamarlin graduated from Morehouse College and worked at McKinsey & Company, the most prestigious consulting firm in the world. After starting a blog about currency trading, he started Moguldom, which developed and other leading digital brands into a portfolio.
In 2014, Inc. Magazine ranked his company the 14th fastest growing media company in the U.S.

Jamarlin sold the digital brands he created to Urban One (NASDAQ: UONEK)

 For the first time, Jamarlin tells his story about acquiring a knowledge of self, becoming a digital media pioneer, and leading when everything and everyone turns against you.